Take care of yourself daily - drink C-vitt 7 days a week. C-vitt contains 200% vitamin C that helps fight free radicals.
Hello, my name is C-Kung, a representative of C-vitt. I am here to answer questions and provide knowledge about vitamin C. Q & A with C-vitt Questions about the product
  • 1 .How much vitamin C is in C-vitt?
    One bottle of C-vitt contains 120 mg. of vitamin C. It is the equivalent of 6 lemons, which it is the recommended amount by the Food and Drugs Administration.
  • 2 .As C-vitt is packaged in a clear bottle, would vitamin C lose its value when exposed to heat and sunlight?
    With technology from Japan, the vitamin C content remains consistent at 120 mg. and it can last up to one year. We can assure you that you will receive the total amount of Vitamin C as shown on the label. It also meets the legal requirements.
  • 3 .How much sugar is contained per bottle? What is the right amount?
    The amount of sugar in C-vitt is within the guidelines set by the Food and Drugs Administration. The quantity is on the label. However, sugar intake should be less than 8 teaspoons or 40 grams daily, depending on individual diets. Recommendations are that a person consumes all five groups of nutrients, and exercises regularly for good health.
  • 4 .Is there a limit to how many C-vitt bottles should be consumed?
    C-vitt contains 120 mg. of vitamin C. Anyone can drink it. Vitamin C is soluble. Consume excess amounts and it passes out of the body through perspiration and urine. However, it is recommended to consume a variety of nutrients for good health.
  • 5 .Can a child drink C-vitt?
    Vitamin C is a necessary vitamin for everyone to help build the immune system. Therefore, children and adults can drink it. Our body needs vitamin C every day but the body cannot produce vitamin C by itself.
  • 6 .Can a person drink C-vitt during their pregnancy?
    Vitamin C is a necessary vitamin for everyone. Vitamin C is even more necessary during pregnancy to help the fetus grow healthily. It is also an essential nutrient that adds value to a mother’s milk. For more information, please consult with a doctor before consuming C-vitt.
  • 7 .What causes the sediments in the orange flavored C-vitt?
    Fruit juice is one of the ingredients in C-vitt. The sediments occur naturally. It is safe for consumers. The label states that ‘sediments occur naturally, please shake well before drinking’.
  • 8 .Does C-vitt help brighten the skin?
    Vitamin C is an antioxidant that has skin brightening properties. It also improves the body’s efficiency for absorbing collagen or other antioxidants such as Glutathione, which helps nourish the skin. The result may vary depending on an individual’s skin tone.
  • 9 .Why is the lid difficult to open?
    It is recommended that you drink C-vitt cold. When it is chilled, a vacuum is created inside the bottle, which makes it difficult to open. Therefore, you should tap the bottom a few times to help release air before opening the bottle.