STRESS RELIEF Whether you are studying hard or encountering stress at work, C-vitt can help. Vitamin C can help reduce stress and improve mood when faced with a heavy work load or tough studies, coupled with little rest. Vitamin C can boost the body's ability to synthesize a range of hormones, one of which includes adrenaline or the hormone responsible for happiness and bright moods, free from stress. Vitamin C can protect against migraines when taken with vitamin B5 or Pantothenic, helping to fight stress more effectively. Vitamin C helps create more neurotransmitters. We require vitamin C to synthesize SEROTONIN, which is a neurotransmitter used to counter depression and stress. Vitamin C is recommended for the improved performance of these neurotransmitters (better mood). If we are deficient in vitamin C, we can see early warning signs such as fatigue, mood swings and depression.