House Osotspa Foods Co., Ltd.
A joint venture between House Foods Corporation (Japan) and Osotspa Co., Ltd. Established in 2011, the company operates its business through marketing and developing products related to food and beverages, under the aim to promote good health and quality of life among Thai people in a simple, convenient way through a diverse range of products.
  • Provide valuable products
    and services
    that the essential nutrients to the body or the functional ingredients to improve the power of the body changed into a form that anyone can be taken deliciously and easily
  • Create a brand
    that can be familiar even after 50 years, 100 years
  • Become a global company
    through the development of products that can be used not only in Thailand but also overseas.
Live Forward
Create “Comfortable and Active Daily life”
through the valuable products and services
that can be appreciated by customers
Customers : Continue to acquire the strong trust by giving top priority to safety and continuing activities of customer-centric Employee : Respect the efforts to enhance their abilities themselves and the spirit of acknowledging each other. Partner : Work together to make “comfortable and active daily life” and demonstrate comprehensive power Shareholders : Aim for improvement of corporate value and continuous development through fair and solid corporate activities Society : Through the sound and evolving corporate activities become a company that is needed from society Environment : Carry out the environmentally conscious corporate activities of the affluent earth