C-vitt 10th Anniversary

Since 2012, House Osotspa Foods Co., Ltd. has initiated innovations to establish "C-vitt" into the lives of the Thai people. Introducing the first-ever 200% vitamin C drink that ensures Thai consumers conveniently receive enough vitamin C for their healthy daily lifestyle.

Ten years and counting, we proudly continue our commitment to push the boundaries of what's possible and meticulously produce quality products for the betterment and sustainable well-being of the Thai nation.

President Talk

For more than 10 years, since 2012, we have been committed to creating and developing easy-to-drink Vitamin C beverages that effectively maintain and benefit consumers' health. We strive never to cease searching for the perfect fit to deliver enough daily Vitamin C for the Thai people. We pride ourselves on providing the highest satisfaction to everyone, as we've consistently done in the past and as we promise to continue doing moving forwards.

We want to give our sincere gratitude to the Thai people who have believed and supported us all along this journey until we've become the hallmark of excellence that has captured everyone's hearts and minds today. This is a testament to the brand that pioneered the first-ever Vitamin C beverage in the Thai market. We are supremely proud to have achieved the phenomenon of being the number 1 valued Vitamin C drink brand in Thailand.

In the future ahead...we promise to continue walking alongside the Thai people and to stand up for everyone's sustainable good health by continuing to innovate and develop world-class quality products to deliver perpetual happiness to all.

Happiness starts with Health

From our beginnings in 1958, the former House Wellness Foods company launched Japan's first-ever Vitamin C beverage. Over time, with consistent product development, a flavorful and healthy Vitamin C drink was finally perfected. C1000 was birthed in 1991 from the importance of happiness within our homes as a priority whereby "Happiness" can only happen by replenishing our bodies with "enough daily nutrients and vitamins."

C-vitt sees the importance of the Thai people receiving adequate daily "Vitamin C" as it is a fundamental vitamin essential for the body's overall health and function. 

Therefore, we've adapted the aforementioned concept to suit the lifestyle of Thai people, combined with the knowledge and production technology from Japan until we are able to produce "C-vitt 200% Vitamin C Drink" that Thais know and love from then till now.

Happy stories from the C-vitt family

For some, 10 years maybe just a number. But for C-vitt and the Thai people…10 years is an unbreakable bond—strengthened by love, care, and devotion. Because we take care of one another, share smiles, and support each other along the way towards prosperity and happiness.

10 years and counting, we promise to stand side by side with our Thai people through all the ups and downs. You can rely on C-vitt to be your trusted companion then, now, and forevermore.